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FOUND – Male Grey Tabby Cat – Friendly Center area

Found a cat living in my neighbor’s crawlspace. It is not their cat. I’m trying to find his owner. He is neutered. Grey tabby with some white patches No Collar/Tags/Microchip Near Friendly Center, at Hobbs/Wedgedale/Wedgewood roads. Please contact : Karyn Kelly...

FOUND – Brown tabby – Piedmont Pkwy and Pegg Rd area

A kitten showed up at my office door this morning. I work at Volvo Trucks and they were found at the door near Piedmont Pkwy and Pegg Rd in Greensboro. The kitty was wearing a pink collar but someone else said it was male, so I am not sure the gender (a coworker has taken it home for the weekend). It is approximately 4 months old. Found today, 8/24. Brandon Herdrick...

FOUND – Black and White male cat – McLeansville area

Male black & white cat found in McLeansville near Mt Hope Church Rd. Cat is very friendly, no collar, no microchip. Please contact:

FOUND – Male Silver Tabby – Julian North Carolina area

Classic tabby pattern with ‘bullseye’ on each side Silver fur with darker grey markings, blue eyes. Julian, North Carolina, off Liberty Road This cat came up to my house and asked for food, and I was able to put him in a carrier and get him in my house. My vet verified that he’s a neutered male, no microchip. He’s very friendly and knows how to use a litter...

FOUND – Male Gray Tabby – Adams Farm area

Sweet kitty found in ADAMS FARM. Gray Tabby. Neutered male. No microchip. No collar. Super sweet, he was clearly trained. PLUS he uses the litterbox! Please help me find his home!! Please contact Caroline at...

FOUND – Grey Tabby Cat – Target Bridford Parkway

Grey tabby. Unknown age and gender but believe it may be a girl. No collar. Found living in our garage. Started feeding it because it is EXTREMELY malnourished. She snuck inside and does not want to go back outside. We gave her a bath because of this and noticed she is declawed. So she is obviously someone’s cat. Please Contact me if you think she is yours. Please contact: Found...

FOUND – Male Tabby Cat – Oak Tree Roads area

Unneutered male, tabby, thin blaze between eyes, white chest, paws and back legs. Approx one year old. Very friendly. No collar. Found near Trosper & Oak Tree Roads, 27455. 336-460-0986

FOUND – Male Orange Tabby – Rankin Mill Rd. Area

I found an Orange male short hair cat this evening. He meowed outside my door until I opened it. He seems domesticated but also appears to have been out a while. He has no collar. He was super hungry. He is in the Briarmeade neighborhood near Link Rd, McKnight Mill Rd, Rankin Mill Rd area. My cats won’t let him inside so I put out food and a shelter because it’s so cold out. Tara Pidgeon...

FOUND – Female Orange Tabby – Northeast Greensboro

I found this amazingly sweet cat recently. She’s a typical short haired, orange tabby cat. Pretty certain that she is no more than a year old. Light orange coat with darker orange stripes. Found with no collar. She has been wandering around my building at Amber Ridge Apartments on West Cone Blvd for about a week. She has an injured paw. I’d love to be able to find her owner! Please Contact : Kelsey...

FOUND – Cockatiel High Point Area

Found in backyard High Point Mostly gray Very friendly Greg 336-668-7018

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