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FOUND – Female Pit Bull – Wendover Ave, Greensboro Area

I found a female gray pit bull with a white chest, toes, and tip of tail in the PetSmart/Target shopping center at the intersection of Bridford Parkway and Wendover Ave. in Greensboro today. She was wearing a pink collar with no tags and has a microchip that’s registered to the Guilford Co Animal Shelter (I contacted them today and am awaiting a response)....

FOUND – Male Black and Tan Senior Dog – Holders Road Greensboro area

I found a male, senior dog. I’m unsure what kind of dog. Probably 35 lbs,overweight. Black with tan eyebrows and tan snout. Very docile and sweet. No collar or tags him. I found him in my back yard at 4727 Holders Rd, Greensboro, NC 27405 Please contact: Nicole Pierce...

FOUND – Stray Brown Black Dog – Gorelle and Law Street area

Not sure of age but looks old Color/Markings-Dark Brown to Black solid color Collar/Tags/Microchip Info. Don’t know Location-Seen in Greensboro , NC on The Corner of Gorelle and Law Street. First spotted on Friday 01/31/2020 and reported to The Guilford county Animal Control. Spotted again in the same area on 02/01/2020. Called in another report to Animal...

FOUND – Stray Female Pitt Bull – Old Battleground Area

Found wandering 4499 old battleground. Skittish and looks like she’s had babies. My number is 336-508-7686

FOUND – Male Pitt Bull Mix – Wendover Ave. area

I found an injured dog on highway 29 and Wendover Ave. We took him to our vet where he had surgeries to repair the damage From being hit by a car. Pitt Bull Mix. Black, Tan with white on chest. Less than a year old. No microchip or tags. Super under weight at around 45lbs. Please email: Meagan Hawkins...

FOUND – Brindle Pit Bull Mix – Jamestown High Point area

Found in Jamestown High Point area 11/11/2019. Has a blue collar on no tags and no microchip. Please call...

FOUND – Female Grey Pit Bull – Spring Garden St/Lindley Park area

Female, dark grey pitbull with white on her chest. Looks a little less than 2 years old. Has had puppies but doesn’t look like it was too recent. Found on Spring Garden St, you Lindley Park area. Jess Kennedy :...

FOUND – Female Black/White Puppy – Stokesdale Town Park area

Young female dog under a year old as still has puppy teeth. Black and white with light brown spots. Found her at Stokesdale Town Park. She has no chip. Can reach me at 207-356-1033. My name is Kelly

SPOTTED – Tan Beagal – Lindley Park area

Approximatley 8 year old tan Beagal spotted on the corner of Englewood and Sherwood inthe Lindley Park area. Last seen headed toward Brice Street

FOUND : Tan and White Husky Mix. Lake Jeanette Area

Possible Husky mix Tan and white, light blue eyes Tan collar, cut cable attached to collar, not microchiped. Eastern shores of Lake Jeanette, Greensboro This sweet dog has been wandering our neighborhood for several days. We have reported it to the shelter and posted on various websites. Please contact: Sandy Kennedy...

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