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FOUND – Female Brindle Pit Bull Mix – Friendly Ave area

For the last week I have seen this sweet, beautiful dog around my house on Cannon Road, which is between Friendly Avenue and Muirs Chapel.

Tan brindle pit bull mix with a narrower muzzle, more slender than stocky Guessing female-- could be neuter male
Maybe 3 years old
60ish pounds
Long legs
Folded ears, unaltered ears and tail
Friendly and calm, but gets scared when I try to approach

She is not wearing a collar.
She looks like she's in good health, not skinny.
She comes to the front door like she's ready to come in, but then runs away.
My dogs bark at her, but she does not bark-- she seems to want to join them to play.
I'm concerned for her safety and would like her returned to her owner or rescued.
If I can get her in the car, I can get a vet to scan her for a chip.

Please contact me if you hear/see anything.
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