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LOST – Female Lab/Shelltie Collie/German Sheppard Mix – Lexington NC

  • Lost Lexington, NC area on Saturday, August 17th around 6:00 PM.
  • Her name is Dusty and she was wearing a shock collar. The battery must have been low.
  • She was hiding in the neighbor’s garage but he got her out and closed the door.
  • It was getting ready to storm. Dusty is extremely terrified of storms.
  • She is a Lab/Shelltie Collie/German Sheppard Mix.
  • She is spayed.
  • She is very timid but has the most precious and living disposition.
  • My grandson goes to the door and keeps calling for her. He loves her and she loves her little human.
  • Please contact if found:
  • Lori Tincher : 336-391-7101
  • Beth Tincher : 336-479-4579
  • Drew Tincher : 336-692-2674
  • Richard Tincher : 336-707-8540
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