reuniting lost pets with their families

Search Tips

Start the foot search immediately.
The sooner you start searching, the less distance your pet will have traveled. Thoroughly search the surrounding property and continue in the direction that your pet was last seen heading.

Inform your neighbors that your pet is missing.
Talking to your neighbors may give you important clues regarding your pets whereabouts. They may have seen your pet recently! This will help you decide where to search next.

Notify your veterinarian your pet is missing.
Since, hopefully, your pet is wearing his/her rabies tag your veterinarian may be contacted. Also, many pets are brought in to veterinary hospitals due to injury or the hopes that the staff may recognize the pet.

Could your pet be trapped?
Cats are especially famous for becoming trapped in small spaces but it can happen to dogs as well. Ask you neighbors to check their crawl spaces, garages, etc. for your missing pet.

Make flyers with a clear photo of your animal.
Print “LOST CAT or LOST DOG” in large letters. Include: your pet’s size, coloring, hair length, and any distinctive markings, whether it has a collar, location pet was last seen, as well as a phone number where you can be reached. Note: Some communities do not allow signs to be posted but do have a community website you may post on.

Visit local animal shelters every 2-3 days.
Our shelters are overflowing with pets! Please take the initiative to go to the shelter to search for your pet.

Place an ad in the local paper.
Only post your pets information, area lost, and a contact number. Never print your address.

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